7 Ways to Cut Down on Humidity in your Bathroom


7 Ways to Cut Down on Humidity in your Bathroom

Bathroom humidity is an all-too-common problem. It can be unpleasant, costly (due to mold damage), and unhealthy. The good news is that it can easily be avoided with the help of some simple solutions.

Here at Alabama Baths, our 5-star rated and locally owned team is here to provide you with 7 ways to cut down on the humidity in your bathroom!

1. Proper Ventilation

The most important step in reducing humidity in your bathroom is proper ventilation. Make sure all your vents are in working order and not blocked by furniture or other items. This will ensure that moisture is properly circulated out of the room, improving air quality and keeping humidity levels low.

2. Install a Dehumidifier

Installing a dehumidifier in your bathroom is a great way to keep humidity levels at bay. Not only do they reduce moisture levels but they also help improve the overall air quality in your bathroom.

3. Use Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are essential for any bathroom as they remove steam and hot air quickly and efficiently. Make sure that yours is installed correctly, as this will ensure it works best to reduce humidity levels in your bathroom.

4. Utilize Window Treatments

Using window treatments such as curtains or blinds can help reduce humidity levels in your bathroom. These treatments act as an insulator, helping to keep warm air out while allowing cool air in.

5. Open Windows When Showering

If you’re able to open windows when showering, it can help reduce humidity levels. This is because it allows steam and hot air to escape from the room quickly and efficiently, which helps reduce moisture buildup inside the bathroom.

6. Clean Regularly

Regularly cleaning your bathroom is important for many reasons, but it’s also key for reducing humidity levels. Be sure to dust surfaces, mop floors, and wipe down walls regularly to ensure there is no mold or mildew buildup that could be contributing to increased humidity levels in your bathroom.

7. Invest in Quality Materials

When remodeling or renovating your bathroom, make sure you invest in quality materials like tiles, grout, paint, etc., as these materials are designed to resist moisture buildup better than cheaper alternatives. Also consider investing in a waterproof sealant for areas like showers and tubs, which will further protect against moisture damage and reduce humidity levels inside your bathroom.

At Alabama Baths, we are here to help you create the perfect bathroom that’s free from excessive humidity! Our team of experts has years of experience dealing with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes and we would love to work with you on cutting down the humidity levels in yours! Call us today at 205-235-8410 for more information or to schedule a consultation for your next project!

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